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TriSana Nutrition Product - Proudly from Alberta

100% Canadian grown and produced Hemp Protein Fiber

TriSana Nutrition Hemp Protein Fibre is highly unprocessed, grown without pesticides or herbicides, non-GMO, no additives or preservatives, and naturally balanced for the horse.

Complete source of amino acids

The highly palatable, unprocessed powder is a complete source of amino acids including the often limiting lysine & methionine - this means having ALL the building blocks available for building and repairing tissues & muscles, hormones & immune response, and other vital functions. It is a great source of protein for building lean muscle and topline when paired with a great exercise program.

Source of vitamins and minerals

Highly digestible

It contains no enzymatic inhibitors like soy... what the label says is what the animal actually has available to it! TriSana Nutrition Hemp Protein Fibre does not cause abrasive inflammation in the digestive tract like highly processed feeds on the market- instead heals and soothes, leading to even higher feed efficiency! It is a highly bioavailable feed, broken down and utilized easily by the horses digestive tract.

Cool & safe energy source

Hemp protein fiber is VERY safe for all body types and many conditions. It does not cause a glycemic spike after feeding, so it can be a good source of nutrition for metabolic or insulin resistance horses.

TriSana Hemp Protein Fibre is a great source of healthy fats - and offers the same benefits as the hemp oil, albeit at a lower quantity. It has an excellent omega 3 to 6 ratio for optimum health.​ It contains a potent anti-inflammatory powerhouse called GLA (gamma linolenic acid). It has powerful effects on the body to keep the inflammation in check. This fatty acid is not found in any other conventional oils on the market. Hemp oil is also high in Vitamin E, and is part of the reason that hemp oil is so stable when pressed! It requires no fillers or stabilizers.

Per 100 g

Calories 397

Fat 8.7%

Carbohydrates 56%

Protein 23%

1 bag lasts approximately 67 days when fed at the maintenance amount.