Our Brands

Meet all the LOCAL brands that have partnered with Moki Runs

Courtlyn Custom Dog Food

We are a home based business that believe in quality for your pets. Accepting nothing but the best for our fur babies, and will strive to provide the best quality of food for your pups. With all the different proteins that we have there is for sure something that will satisfy any dogs taste buds. We deal in single protein meals for those pups who are dealing with allergies or food sensitivities. We only use the best products / full animals to make up our food. Our menu also provides hypoallergenic food as well.
We make up all the food for your pups. We do NOT re-sell premade products from another company.

All the suppliers we get food for your pups are the same suppliers that go on to our family table.
All of our meats are from provincial and or federal inspected plants.
Jodie is a canine certified nutritionist and is taking advanced classes for animal nutrition. Will become specialized in raw / Advanced raw and feline nutrition as well.

​ This mom will only accept the best to feed her family and fur babies.
​Come see what all the talk is about. 


We Rock Raw

Our goal at We Rock Raw is to manufacture top quality raw dog food and to teach people about balancing a complete raw diet for their dogs.
Educational materials on raw feeding are always available, as understanding the raw diet is key to your dog's health.
We provide a variety of single source proteins, specialty mixes and all the components to balance the raw diet completely.​
​ We have over 25 years of knowledge and experience to share with everyone. 


TriSana Nutrition

Here at TriSana Nutrition, we take our animal’s health & education very seriously. In fact, we have adopted the Hippocratic Oath used for physicians and veterinarians alike- “first, do no harm”. This means all of our products are as natural and organic as we can source them- only the best nutrition for our best friends. After all, they depend on us to keep them safe! Rest assured that anything with TriSana Nutrition stamped on it has you and your four legged friends’ best interest in mind- we guarantee it!


Prairie Cricket Farms

Hey! We are Ryan & Lesley Steppler and we created a cricket farm. Yes, a cricket farm!

Born and raised on cattle and grain farms, we are country kids that know the value of agriculture and the importance of growing and raising food. After a conversation with someone about how North America is beginning to eat crickets, Ryan decided he needed a new hobby and started a cricket farm in our basement. Fast forward four years and 200 crickets turned into millions (they are no longer in our basement). We discovered that crickets are extremely nutrient dense, easily digestible and can be added to many of the snacks and meals you’re already baking. We quickly got over the “ick factor” once we realized the nutritional value of these little guys and that our family’s diet has improved just by adding a bit of cricket powder to our meals.

Crickets are a sustainable way to feed your pets!


Pack Leader Treats

At Pack Leader Treats, we focus on novel proteins and nutrient density. Our goal is to provide healthy additions to pet's diets. We source from Canadian farms and all our products are hormone, antibiotic and drug free. Our most recent product, a microgreen-based nutrition booster, is ideal for any pet owner looking to give their pet's meals a huge boost of bio-available nutrients.


J-Conn Farms

We are an Alberta, family owned and operated quail farm. Quail farming has been in our family for over 25 years and we specialize in all quail products!


Raw Scooby

Providing home made, human grade dehydrated training treats and snacks for dogs and cats.


Power. Protect. Play.

Coming Soon!


MOB Honey

Our bees forage just east of the Rocky Mountains in western Alberta plains, prairies, rolling grassland and from diverse cropland around the Calgary area.
At harvest, we perform small batch extraction, frame by frame at each hives location. In our WILD RAW HONEY, you’ll taste a mix of clover, alfalfa, canola, aster and Dandelion. SMALL BATCH BLENDS are whipped and dipped into splendid little blends.

My name is Amber Yano, and I own MOB Honey. I farm because I love bees. I started a business because I want to enrich our local food system. I’ve spent the last 8 years perfecting the art of beekeeping and in 2018 started My Own Business (MOB).

I believe our local food system is fractured but on the mend. We partner with businesses who share the same joy for local and parallel passions for great taste. Our honey is raw, unpasteurized, complex, fluffy and Albertan - the most valuable component to our honey.