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Our Borkin Mission

It's not a smooth ride being a pet owner.

There are so many different services to choose from, opinions to be heard and information to digest.

Our mission is to provide quality over quantity. Each of our products, partnerships and pet professionals are meticulously selected to bring more insight to our company values; 

"Our dogs and cat LOVES all the Moki runs products! The service is amazing and personal. 👍🏻👍🏻"

Silke Stubbe - August 2019

"Awesome!! Super easy to use, excellent service, and great quality/prices. My dogs are so happy - thank you! 😁"

Michelle Hanna - July 2019

"Easy and convenient but does not lack in quality! Friendly and fast service! Very grateful I found Moki Runs and so are my dogs lol!"

Chelsey Mizera - June 2019

"We absolutely love the food we get from Nadia. Our dogs are doing great and have never looked or felt so good. Raw dog food is what a dog should be eating. Their energy level has gone up and they play so much more. Their eyes are bright and their hair is soft and shinny. They do not shed like like they use to. Excellent quality food at a great price. Thank you Nadia."

Linda Marie Wright - March 2019

"Nadia is amazing to work with. she is always ready to answer questions I have. my aussie who has food allergies has done an amazing turn around on mokies. I will ne feeding mokies from here on out."

Kaylee Dumouchel - March 2019